about me

Hi, my name is Liam. I am a passionate creator of things on the web. I love to thoughtfully design my ideas, then craft them into creative, yet user-friendly, experiences.

I have a background that spans over a decade, from hobby to professional, and I am constantly learning the latest technologies. From PHP, Ruby, and Node on the Backend, to React, Vue, SASS, on the Frontend. I love learning and growing, especially in my greatest passion that is Web Development.

need help?

I can offer you consulting from a lifetime of fascination with the world wide web. Do you need guidance on how to create and manage a presence on the web? Are you struggling to understand the vast array of products and tools that the web development industry has to offer?

Feel free to contact me.

my hobbies

I am an avid aviation nerd and amateur photographer. I also enjoy hiking and traveling, where I often take a camera along with me.

recent projects

Webfresh v2 Screenshot
Webfresh V2 (Work In Progress)
The next iteration of Webfresh, using decoupled Drupal + React.
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Palm Business Center Screenshot
Palm Business Center: Website Redesign
Website redesign, using Wordpress, modern CSS and JS, and Twig templates.
Wordpress Logo
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Webfresh Screenshot
Webfresh: Personal Portfolio
A new portfolio website. Re-imagined and built on Drupal 8 CMS.
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30 Bowl Screenshot
30 Bowl: Website Redesign
A complete redesign for a local bowling alley website.
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Snapbook Screenshot
Snapbook: Photo Hosting App
A simple photo hosting app, built with React and Firebase
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