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At the end of 2019, I had decided that I wanted to make a more intentional effort to push my Web Development skills to the next level. This resolution began with a deep-dive into React and Firebase.

While I had prior experience with a reactive JS framework, Vue.js, I wanted to dive into another highly popular framework to broaden my Frontend development repertoire.

This project was immensely helpful in terms of improving my understanding of two different approaches to reactive Frontend JavaScript. In particular, I was able to gain a much greater appreciation for the vastly different ways each framework handles mutability of state.

Additionally, this was my first web app, built with a pure BaaS (Backend as a Service), Firebase. It was also my first full application where I used a NoSQL database. Once again, I was able to gain a great appreciation for the differences between SQL and NoSQL. For example, NoSQL has a much greater requirement to consider how your data is going to be accessed, to build an efficient schema.

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