Webfresh: Personal Portfolio

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As I began to sharpen my Drupal 8 development skills, in the wake of a much simpler build for the 30 Bowl website, I wanted to continue this Drupal 8 journey. Additionally, in order to grow my skills I wanted to sharpen up my process and bring in some new tooling along the way.

This project was a long-time desire to build a “fresh” portfolio website. I had many ideas rolling around, so I began to build a design using Figma.

I then took my Figma design and built a static, functional, HTML/JS/CSS mockup. Next, I took this mockup and built a Drupal 8 theme using SASS and ES6 in the theme files, facilitated by Webpack for compilation and optimization of the JS/CSS source.

This is a truly modern website, allowing me to marry a wide variety of my modern web tooling and skills that I have used in non-Drupal projects. Webpack, PostCSS, and NPM/Yarn were all crucial additions to my theming workflow here.

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